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Licensed & Tobacco Category Guide 2018/19

The NEW Plan for Profit Licensed and Tobacco core range guide provides core and extended range guidance for the Licensed & Tobacco categories. The guide also includes key category insights on Beer & lager, Craft ale, Wine, Spirits, Tobacco and E-cigarette categories.

Plan for Profit Licensed & Tobacco 2018-19

Grocery & Non Food Category Guide 2018

The Grocery & Non-Food core range guide provides core and extended rage guidance and expert market insight into the key ambient categories.

Plan for Profit Grocery 2018

Impulse Category Guide 2018

The Impulse Category Guide contains Core and extended range guidance in addition to key category insights to help you better understand and grow your ‘Protein’, ‘Confectionery’, ‘Crisp, Snacks & Nuts’ and ‘Soft Drinks’ categories in store.

The guide also includes features on Sugar Reduction in Confectionery and the Soft Drinks Sugar Levy to help retailers prepare for the impact these changes will have on your businesses.

Plan for Profit Impulse 2018
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