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What is Plan for Profit?

Today’s Plan for Profit is a website and App dedicated to the independent retailer with a key element being the Plan for Profit Core Range Guides, it offers key services and advice to help them succeed in a challenging marketplace.

Our independent wholesale members work closely with independent retailers to ensure that they are stocking the correct core range to maximise sales and profit, many of them began in business as retailers themselves so fully understand the needs and challenges of the convenience market and the importance of maintaining your independence.

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There are now more ways than ever to ‘Plan for Profit’

Today’s Plan for Profit Core Range Guides 2018

Brochure Spreads

Today’s Plan for Profit category guide aims to provide you with a range of products you will need to meet the requirements of your customers in today’s market place.

Compiled in association with our supplier partners and industry experts, the core range guide includes a full listing of key products you are advised to stock in order to maximise sales and profits. While every store is different and every retailer knows their customers, this guide will act as a checklist for the essential product range.

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Today’s Plan for Profit Website

TPFP Website

On this website is access to key tools including:

Today’s Plan for Profit App – NEW update for 2018

App Screens

All of the essential tools from the Plan for Profit website can also be accessed on-the-go by downloading the app, as well as a host of extra features including:

  • Exclusive deals from Today’s Group wholesale members
  • The ability to set your wholesaler and category preferences to view the deals most relevant to you
  • An exclusive shopping list tool to make ordering stock easy

Explore the latest profit-boosting features of our new look app in a series of demo videos available here.

Download the latest version of the ‘Today's Plan for Profit’ app now!

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